World Music Day

Today, as every 21st of June, we celebrate the “World Music Day“, and to do it properly, I´m going to post the last song the 6th graders played as a Primary farewell song…

As they are now the “Champions of Primary”, sure, they played and sang the world famous song by Queen “We are the Champions”.

Here you can watch and enjoy their nice performances…

Good job kids! I wish you the best for your new stage at the high school 🙂

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This is the last song we are going to play and sing this school year. As you are finishing your primary education stage, you are “the champions of primary”, that´s the reason why we are going to play this world famous song by queen…

Listen, rehearse, sing and enjoy…

It´s been a pleasure to play and sing with you, and of course to teach you English… Good luck kids 😉

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New songs performed by the 6th Graders in the 3rd term

Aquí os pongo los vídeos de la interpretación que cada curso de 6º hizo estas semanas de la canción que eligió como premio de ClassDojo en este 3º trimestre.

And the songs are:

Good job kids!

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Grammar Review (6th Grade): Future “Going to” vs “will”

Aquí os pongo algunos enlaces para que practiquéis con el futuro y diferencieis cuando usar going to (planes) del futuro simple (will)…

Will-future or going to-future  Utiliza will o going to…

Choose the correct answer   Will or going to

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Comparatives (Unit 6 – 5th Grade): “Comparing animals”

Do you like football? And animals? This is the perfect game for you..

“Penalty Shootout”: Comparatives and Superlatives Game 

This is an animal quiz to compare animals.

I hope you enjoy it.

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Cristóbal Valera´s “Pedal Day” + SONG “Bicycle Race”

Next Thursday, the 23rd of May, we´re going to celebrate once again our traditional “Pedal Day”. These are our two cents to prevent global warming and stop the climate change by using our bikes to move around Albacete. This year we´re going to ride to “El Palo” by “El Canal de Mª Cristina”.

As we love music and we also love riding our bikes, here we have the perfect song to mix both hobbies… I hope you like it 😉 Sing, ride and enjoy!

Here we have some photos of that day…

We had a very nice and quiet day at “La fiesta del árbol”. See you next year!
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3rd Term 6th Graders ClassDojo Rewards (I): SONGS

Since you are still doing really well this term, you have been awarded another reward, another song to be performed.

Each class decided their own song:

6th A and 6th B decided to perform “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran

6th C decided to perform “Havana” by Camila Cabello

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Grammar Review (Unit 6 – 5th Grade): Regular Past Tense


Aquí tenemos unos cuantos enlaces para practicar el pasado regular de los verbos ingleses.

Empecemos con unos videos explicativos de la formación del pasado regular en las formas afirmativa, reglas de formación del pasado simple, negativa e interrogativa y expresiones de tiempo pasado:

Video explicativo resumen de todas las reglas

A continuación tenemos múltiples enlaces con la explicación y muchas y variadas actividades para practicar lo aprendido.

Write the past simple of the following verbs

Complete the sentences with verbs in the past tense

Complete the text with Regular Past Tense

Speed Word: Regular Past Tense Deletreo veloz de pasados regulares

Present Simple or Past Simple? Completa las frases con verbos en presente o en pasado.

Wh- questions with the Simple Past

Fill in with the simple past

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The Weather (Unit 6 – 6th Grade)

Aquí os propongo algunos enlaces para practicar con el tiempo: What´s the weather like today?

Enjoy them!

Look, listen and learn Mira, escucha y aprende

Make pairs Haz parejas (como el que hicimos en clase)

What´s the weather like today?  Ficha interactiva muy completa (also readings & listenings) para practicar sobre el tiempo.

Weather and Seasons Para ampliar el vocabulario que sabéis sobre el tiempo.

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A new Kahoot is coming! (Unit 6 – 6th Grade – Lesson 6): “Global Warming”

How much do you know about “Global warming”?

Try this Kahoot to show what you learnt in Lesson 6 “Global Warming”

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