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Vocabulary Review (Unit 5 – 6th Grade): “What´s the matter? (Health problems)”

First of all we have a link to review some usuful health vocabulary. Click on the picture to watch the video… Video: Common Health Problems (part I) Vídeo para repasar los problemas de salud más comunes en inglés. Video: Common … Continue reading

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As you all know, we always celebrate the book day on 23rd April. That date commemorates the death of the  two world´s most famous writers: Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare. Both of them died on the 23rd April 1616 (well, as … Continue reading

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Rooms in the house: videos & games

Aquí teneis algunos enlaces para repasar y ampliar el vocabulario  de Rooms in the house de la Unit  5- “My house is too small”: VIDEOS: Video: Rooms in the home In My House Actividad para aprender las acciones que realizamos en cada … Continue reading

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