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BOOK DAY: Oscar Wilde and “The Canterville Ghost”

As you all know, we always celebrate the book day on 23rd April. That date commemorates the death of the  two world´s most famous writers: Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare. Both of them died on the 23rd April 1616 (well, as … Continue reading

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PLAYS: “Wild Wild West” and “Hotel Canterville”

Next Wednesday 2nd May, we´re going to watch the plays “Wild Wild WEST” for the 2nd Graders and “Hotel Canterville” for the 5th and 6th Graders. As usual, we´re going to work the vocabulary and songs in the English class … Continue reading

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3rd Term 6th Graders ClassDojo Rewards (I): SONGS

Since you are still doing really well this term, you have been awarded another reward, another song to be performed. Each class decided their own song: 6th A and 6th C decided to perform “City of Stars” by Justin Hurwitz (B.S.O. … Continue reading

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