BOOK DAY: Oscar Wilde and “The Canterville Ghost”

As you all know, we always celebrate the book day on 23rd April. That date commemorates the death of the  two world´s most famous writers: Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare. Both of them died on the 23rd April 1616 (well, as a matter of fact, Cervantes really died on the 22nd April, but he was buried the 23rd).

As this year we are going to watch a play (“HOTEL CANTERVILLE”)  based on a popular novella by Oscar Wilde, “The Canterville Ghost”, we are going to deal with this author and that novel to commemorate the Book Day and our Book Week at school.

Click on the image below to watch a video telling the story of “The Canterville Ghost”:

OSCAR WILDE ONLINE Web with information about his BIOGRAPHY, his PLAYS, his NOVELS and his SHORT STORIES.

If you want to play a KAHOOT to show all you know about OSCAR WILDE, click on his portrait below…

Oscar Wilde portrait

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