Cristóbal Valera´s “Pedal Day” + SONG “Bicycle Race”

Next Thursday, the 23rd of May, we´re going to celebrate once again our traditional “Pedal Day”. These are our two cents to prevent global warming and stop the climate change by using our bikes to move around Albacete. This year we´re going to ride to “El Palo” by “El Canal de Mª Cristina”.

As we love music and we also love riding our bikes, here we have the perfect song to mix both hobbies… I hope you like it 😉 Sing, ride and enjoy!

Here we have some photos of that day…

We had a very nice and quiet day at “La fiesta del árbol”. See you next year!

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I´m an english teacher at Cristóbal Valera School in Albacete. Thanks for visiting this blog :)
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