Some Reviews for 6th Graders

Aquí os pongo enlaces para repasar algunos aspectos importantes de cursos anteriores que necesitamos tener claros para comenzar con buen pie 6º:

The alphabet

The numbers from 1 to 100

Ordinal numbers

Days of the week

The months of the year (click on the calendar of this blog)

The demonstratives (this-that-these-those)

The possessive adjectives (los posesivos: my-your-his-her…)

Wh-questions (palabras para preguntar: what-where-when-why…)

Verb “to be”

Verb “have got”

Verb “can”

Verb “there is/are”

Present continuous (to be + ing)

Regular Present simple tense (verbos regulares en presente)

Past of verb “to be” (was/were)

Regular Past simple (verbos regulares en pasado)

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