OXFORD CULTURAL TALK: “Rock and Roll Milestones”

Next Wednesday, the 27th of November, the 6th graders are going to attend a very interesting cultural talk entitled “Rock and Roll Milestones”.

Find all the information you need about this talk on the poster and below.

Throughout this talk, our students will trace the rise of three iconic British bands – The Beatles, The Who, and The Rolling Stones – and discover the influence their music had on society and culture. After listening to popular hits from this period and discussing their historical connections, students will come away with a greater understanding of the importance of music in their lives.

Here I propose a list of the greatest hits of each band (with lyrics), enjoy 😉

The Beatles:

Hey Jude Let it be Yesterday A hard day´s night Michelle Day tripper

Playlist: “The beatles: songs (lyrics)” (209 songs)

The Rolling Stones:

(I can´t get no) Satisfaction Angie Paint it Black It´s only Rock n´Roll Start me up

The Who:

Who are you My generation The seeker Baba O´Riely

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