INTRODUCING NEW LOGO & TRAILER of the PROJECT “The English Classroom Band”

¡Hoy estamos de estreno!

A algunos os sonará de ver por el blog un logo redondo hecho de guitarras con el nombre del proyecto que llevamos a cabo los de , llamado “The English Classroom Band”, en el que, como premio de ClassDojo por hacerlo bien en las clases y aprender mucho, tocamos y cantamos cada trimestre algunas canciones en inglés. Pues bien, como llevamos ya unas cuantas y esto va cogiendo solera ya desde el año pasado, creé hace poco este logo para el proyecto que os presento aquí a través de este video “INTRO”:

Aquí está el trailer de presentación de la lista “The English Classroom Band” de mi canal de youtube donde están todas las canciones que hacemos los de 6º.


I hope you like them! 😉

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Para acabar este curso, la clase de 2º A vamos a realizar un PROJECT titulado “MY FAVOURITE ANIMAL”, perteneciente a la Unidad 5 de nuestro libro, que tratará sobre la presentación de nuestro animal favorito en inglés. El project se debe elaborar en casa, y puede colaborar la familia. Se debe realizar en cartulina del color que se prefiera tamaño A4. Se trata de pegar fotos de animales y escribir debajo de cada foto como los presentarían ellos en inglés (”My favourite animal is a  …. It´s big/little.  It´s brown (colour). It´s got four legs and … It can swim/run/fly/jump…). Se debe escribir el nombre, los apellidos y el curso en el trabajo (nunca por detrás), pues los expondremos en la clase o en los pasillos (donde tengamos hueco). La fecha tope de entrega es el jueves  10 de mayo.


Gracias de antemano a los alumnos/as y a sus familias por su colaboración.

Thank you very much!

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BOOK DAY: Oscar Wilde and “The Canterville Ghost”

As you all know, we always celebrate the book day on 23rd April. That date commemorates the death of the  two world´s most famous writers: Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare. Both of them died on the 23rd April 1616 (well, as a matter of fact, Cervantes really died on the 22nd April, but he was buried the 23rd).

As this year we are going to watch a play (“HOTEL CANTERVILLE”)  based on a popular novella by Oscar Wilde, “The Canterville Ghost”, we are going to deal with this author and that novel to commemorate the Book Day and our Book Week at school.

Click on the image below to watch a video telling the story of “The Canterville Ghost”:

OSCAR WILDE ONLINE Web with information about his BIOGRAPHY, his PLAYS, his NOVELS and his SHORT STORIES.

If you want to play a KAHOOT to show all you know about OSCAR WILDE, click on his portrait below…

Oscar Wilde portrait

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PLAYS: “Wild Wild West” and “Hotel Canterville”

Next Wednesday 2nd May, we´re going to watch the plays “Wild Wild WEST” for the 2nd Graders and “Hotel Canterville” for the 5th and 6th Graders.

As usual, we´re going to work the vocabulary and songs in the English class for the children to understand the plays.

Face2Face is the theatre Company in charge of the performance, and it will take place at the Auditorium in the Conservatory opposite our school. Here we have the posters of both plays…


“Wild Wild West” will be performed at 10:30 a.m. and “Hotel Canterville” at 12:50 p.m.

Click here to watch the video with the lyrics of “FEVER” by Elvis Presley, one of the songs in the play “Hotel Canterville”.

I hope all of us enjoy the show!

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3rd Term 6th Graders ClassDojo Rewards (I): SONGS

Since you are still doing really well this term, you have been awarded another reward, another song to be performed.

Each class decided their own song:

6th A and 6th C decided to perform “City of Stars” by Justin Hurwitz (B.S.O. “La La Land”)

6th B  decided to perform “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran

Here you have the videos with the lyrics to practise the songs whether for singing or playing your instrument, or both… We will have some rehearsals playing and singing the song all together by the beginning of May, always after the Unit 5 test.

In the meantime, practise and enjoy!

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A new Kahoot is coming! (Unit 5 – 5th Grade – Lesson 6): “The World”

How much do you Know about the world? (continents, oceans, countries…)

Try this Kahoot to show what you learnt in Lesson 6 “The World”:


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Vocabulary Review (Unit 5 – 6th Grade): “What´s the matter? (Health problems)”

First of all we have a link to review some usuful health vocabulary. Click on the picture to watch the video…


Video: Common Health Problems (part I) Vídeo para repasar los problemas de salud más comunes en inglés.

Video: Common Health Problems (part II) Segunda parte del vídeo anterior.

What´s the matter? Listen and drag the names on the ill people

Health Vocabulary

How do you feel? ¿Cómo te sientes/encuentras?

What´s wrong? ¿Qué les pasa? Haz esta actividad y ayuda al médico.

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Rooms in the house: videos & games

Aquí teneis algunos enlaces para repasar y ampliar el vocabulario  de Rooms in the house de la Unit  5- “My house is too small”:



Video: Rooms in the home

In My House Actividad para aprender las acciones que realizamos en cada habitación.



Game: In a house

Parts of the house

Mummy bear presents: The House Juego para aprender y practicar con más vocabulario de la casa.

Furniture: Match picture and word

Read and match

The house

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Here comes a Kahoot! (Unit 5 – 6th Grade – Lesson 5): “Jobs at home”

Here you have the Kahoot we played this week to practise Lesson 5 “Jobs at home”:

You can improve your scores in the class and enjoy, also at home 😉

To play more Kahoots, click on the Kahoot! icon and find “My Kahoots” below…

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Grammar Review (Unit 5 – 5th Grade): The past of the verb to be: WAS / WERE


Empezaremos con unos vídeos explicativos sobre el uso del pasado del verbo to be:

Past Tense of be (positive)

Past Tense of be (negative)

Past Tense of be (questions)

Vamos a continuar con una actividad donde repasamos el verbo to be (presente), en comparación con el verbo to be (past) y haremos algunas actividades:

Verb “to be” present & past and activities

Aquí teneis más actividades para repasar este verbo en pasado:

Was/were” Activity 1

“Was/were” Activities 5 to 8

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